October 1, 2012

Visiting Grandma Jolly

"Hello grandma jolly" Little rabbits visit grandma Jolly during the mid autumn festival.

Watching TV together.

Praying "Chang E" in the Moon

Playing monopoly cards game.

mm, whose turn?

What a nice game.

Grandma Jolly is calling the rabbits

"Kids, Q up and get your mooncakes"

 rabbits line up quickly, and waiting for their mooncakes.

Yum yum, delicious.

All of them gets their own mooncakes. The mooncakes come in different tone of brown colors. What a happy mid autumn.

September 14, 2012

Pre - Wedding

hehe, pre-wedding photo is taken in front of my new Fire Brigade`

Here come the big couples. Tomorrow is the grand opening of Legoland Malaysia. Can't wait to go there for our pre-wedding, LOL

August 31, 2012

5000 years!!

Finally we have reach the gate of the tomb.

Abracadabra Sesame Open The Door!!!!!

Some kind of devil object, who has been sleeping for 5000 years.

It is time to summon the devils, and we may conquer the world, muahahahahaha

Abracadabra @#$%!@^%*&@#!*


zzzZZZZZ let me sleep for a while, please come back again 5000 years later. [=v="]

July 30, 2012

Wake Up!!!!!



ei, wake up. have been half year never update ur page already.

Look at my face, 

Please let me sleep more, because i am Sleepy ( <-- my name)

January 23, 2012

Chinese New Year

wishing everyone a happy chinese new year, from jolly family