September 24, 2011

The evil Grasshopper

Once upon a time, Bob is dating with Lovely in a sunny day. 

They see a grasshopper selling some refreshing herbal leaves. 

Grasshopper:" try my homemade herbal leaf, you'll love it."

taste weird...... mmmhhh

Bob and Lovely fall unconcious after taking the leaves. Grasshopper seem so happy, huh!?

oh no, they turn into grasshopper.

Grasshopper :" Hello my little grasshopper, how do you feel? muahahahahaahaaa"

Jolly Unnamed :" dad and mum are in danger, go chocobo!!"

Jolly Unnamed saved the 2 grasshopper, which were Bob and Lovely.

But Evil Grasshopper flies faster, and knock her down. THE END

Sketch effect

September 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to me~~~

Gustav & Elsa joining us for birthday celebration.

yummy yummy mushroom soup~~~

appetizer - grass for Elsa

Gustav cant wait to try the grill salmon!!!

Olive linguine, grill chicken n salmon, soup with oat bread n grasses~~~

after the heavy meals... they resting and cooling down with sky juice

few glasses of champagne till.......

Gustav is starting to float~~~

lastly n the most important is the birthday cake!!! 
Happy Birthday!!!

too bad no cake cutting ceremony as Gustav is drunk and still floating! 
OMG!!! we have to bring him back immediately! 

September 12, 2011

Happy Mooncake Festival (part2)

Today is 15th August (Mid Autumn) in the chinese calendar. And bitbit is attending the praying ceremony with some fruits, fresh flowers, mooncakes and a little box of moon powder.

Both bitbit cannot wait to try the mooncakes. 

Yum yum, delicious.

After finish the mooncake, they light up the lanterns.

The paper lanterns look nice in the night.

Rabbit's mum calling for a family shot.

Rabbit's Mum :" mammi gives you all a handmade lantern " 

WOW, this lantern so "high-tech", it is equipped with LED light.

Bitbit fight with his brother for this lantern. Bitbit:" It is mine!!!!"

"PLARCK!!!" mhhh they break the lantern into half... Sob sob T_T

It is all your fault! so you have to wear the lantern's head. " It fits perfectly on your face "

Here comes the homemade Nici's lantern~~~ wakakaka


Tired.. I wont do it again next time. 

"Rabbit Ranger" or "Transfomer"

Last but not least, wishing everyone a happy mooncake festival. Muakss

September 10, 2011

Birthday Gift~~~

Liony, Alli and Tortoise went shopping to buy a birthday gift for someone special.  

When they are home, Bits very curious and unpacking the gift quickly. Wow! is a bb bag!!! 

All of them are very exciting and fooling around! 
Bit1 and Liony successfully sitting on the bag, while Bit2 stops Alli away from the bag and poor little Tortoise still trying to climb up. =_=||

Collection of bb! 

September 8, 2011

Happy Mooncake Festival (part1)

Hippos, ellephants and mouse found a gift box. 

They are curious what is inside~~~

Wow, there are another 7 little boxes and a chicken little!!! 

Inside the little box is a moon cake!!! yummy yummy!!! 

Lets take a group pic before they finished the moon cakes. Cheers~~~


September 4, 2011

Teatime in SnowFlakes

Liony, Alli and tortoise meeting in SnowFlakes.

This is beeping ufo which will vibrate with light to inform you to collect your orders, 

that's why liony is sitting on the beeping ufo to feel the vibration! =_=

Alli is having the snowflake without sharing. 

Poor little liony n tortoise have to share jasmine tea with pearls. 

Greedy Alli some more squeeze in to taste the jasmine tea! !@#$%^&*(