April 30, 2010

Mystery parcel

found a mystery parcel on my table today, wonder what is it?

a red nici bear key chain, a pen, and a catalogue are found inside.

and a plastic bag, a nici plastic bag with the word "Just Love" on it. Wonder what is it inside the plastic bag!!!!!!

April 29, 2010

Tortoise and Hare

One day, hare asks tortoise for a race,

The hare runs very very fast, 

the tortoise is left very very far behind.

Thus, hare decided to sleep under a christmas tree.

tortoise overtakes the hare quietly, and reaches the destination.

Everyone celebrate the victory with the tortoise.
This story teaches us, never under estimate your opponent!!

April 26, 2010

The Ugly Sheep

Once upon a time, miss liselle meet miss lisa on the roadside.

Miss Liselle got 3 children

Liselle: " these are my children~"

Lisa : " why this one so ugly?? "

" ........... "

April 24, 2010

Sa Ding Ding Live concert

Yeah, we got another VIP ticket for Sa Ding Ding live concert in Dragonfly KL.

Who is she????? I never heard anything about her, but she is a very famous singer from Tibet China.

don't really know how to enjoy her show, looks weird.

April 22, 2010

Get back my HTC HD2 finally

Finally my hd2 is back. It takes about 1 month + to repair it????!! It is ridiculous.

Never bring to the AMx to repair. It sucks blood. The repair fee cost me 940RM!!!

Luckily, the LCD being repaired, and fully function again.

argghh, please handle with care, don break my LCD screen again.

April 19, 2010

The minily Rabbit

Today get a pair of minily rabbit from Germany. They are the kid version of easter rabbit and xmas rabbit.

White minily rabbit got a long ears.

brown minily rabbit got a long ears too.

They sleeping dead after the long journey from Germany.

2 new upcoming plush toys from Nici latest catalogue.

Liang Wen Yin Promo Tour End

Last day of the promo tour, held in MMU Melaka.

Playing games with fans

So crowded, she is quite popular, isn't she?

Wow, lucky fan get a sweet hug.

April 15, 2010

Liang Wen Yin Promo Tour

Today go to Liang Wen Yin Promo Tour press conference. She is a Taiwan Artist from a famous singing show "star road"

She looks so tire, must be not sleeping well.

After the press conference, we move on to the 1st stop, Klang Parade.

King kongs didnt attend the show. Playing with my macbook pro while i am not at home

But they got 2 entrance ticket. It is free!

somemore is VIP ticket.

April 10, 2010

Dental visit

went to dental this morning. very nervous, my hands and legs are shaking.

dentist press down my head and tell me, "don't worry, i am professional"

"argghhhh!" It is so awful...

10 mins later, my tooth looks great after all. will not step in to the clinic again... what a bad experience.

3 little carrots

my 3 little carrots

Big brother, name carrot

2nd brother, name carrot also

little brother, name carrot as well....

actually, i also donno who is who....