August 25, 2010

Nemo and banana

Fish A: Wow, it is so fun to play with the banana

It can be a nice headgear as well~

Fish B: I got a bigger headgear than urs..... but plz help me out of the banana.

Fish B: it is too heavy....
Fish A: ..........

Rest in peace... @>-------

August 23, 2010

Chinese 14th July

Mummy mummy!! We wanna go for swimming!!

No, no, all of you has to stay at home, because today is the 14th of July, also known as ghost day.

August 12, 2010

Honest Duck

One day, duck duck bring her duckling out.

They passed by a big pond.

Oh no, the baby duckling drop into the pond!!! Duck duck is very nervous and very sad.

At this moment, suddenly, a huge angel come out from the pond. "My baby dropped into the pond, can you please save my baby?"

Angel ask duck duck, "is this sapphire duckling yours?"

Angel ask again, "is this ruby duckling yours?"

"what about this emerald duckling?"

At last, this is the baby yellow duckling. 

Due to the honesty of the duck duck, angel decided to give all 4 lovely duckling to her.

August 10, 2010

Something Unexpected

There is a tiny rabbit behind the carrot!!

They got a new friend, but is it a dog? or a rabbit??

Rabbits love carrot

Brown rabbit and white rabbit found a big big carrot.

the carrot is so big, it is almost height of both of them.

hehe, they are so happy and so excited, coz they love carrot very much!!

August 8, 2010


Hei, why are you lying there???

Sob sob, i am sick....