September 29, 2010

Mirror mirror on the wall

mirror mirror on the wall.. (it is a stand mirror....) tell me who is the fairest in the world!!!!

Mirror :" There is very difficult to find someone who is as dark as or darker than you"


September 28, 2010

Fake Nici Melinda Ant

Fake grey ant

Fake black ant

Fake red ant

Fake green ant

Fake, err, this is genuine nici Melinda ant~~!!

And this fake green ant is actually genuine nici grasshopper~~

September 24, 2010

Little Red Hat

Grandma, I am back.

Hello grandma, can you hear me?

Uhu, ang ku ku. Grandma so lazy, still sleeping~

"Wraahhhh~!!!!! Surprise~!!!! I am not your grandma!!!!"

Little red hat being scared and fall down.

"Seem like today is a lucky day for me, you little red hat" said the wolf

September 23, 2010

Dinosaur Attack

Help ! Help ! run ~ run ~ Green dinosaur is assaulting the innocent villagers.

Don't worry!! Here come a pack of ultraman. After the previous experience of being defeated. All the ultraman family members come out together.


This time, the poor dinosaur being defeated. Let's take a memorable photo.

September 22, 2010

Happy Mooncake Festival

wah, the moon is so big so round today.

Ya, today is full moon

OMG, what's happened to you!!!??

Oh no, I transform to werewolf.

Wish everyone a happy mid autumn~

Hei, you are also a werewolf, aren't you!!??

Happy Mooncake Festival

September 10, 2010

We just get Married

Jack and Jill just get married~

Hugging back to back


Packing, and going for our honeymoon

September 9, 2010

Zebra and Giraffe

giraffe : hei zebra, i am so high

zebra : oh, ya. I am also very high

giraffe : ..........
zebra : ..........

why are we sitting so high??