October 10, 2010

Camouflage Hedgehog

Hedgehog is very good in hiding himself.

One day, Bison see Hedgehog lean against the cushion and ask him,

Bison : what are you doing here?
Hedgehog : Huh, you can see me? I am hiding myself and,

Playing dead
Bison : -_-|||

Since both of them got similar skin color, they become very good friend.

And, hide themselves everyday. Does anyone see them??

October 9, 2010

Jolly Princess & Jolly School

Welcome the Jolly princess and Jolly school gang to my sheep sheep collection~~

October 1, 2010

Three Little Piggies

3 little piggies farewell with their mummie. They've grown up, and it is time for them to be independent.

Eldest brother is the laziest. He takes 1 hour to build his "hut" with no ceiling, no roof, no door and no wall.

one day the pig eater is approaching and trying to eat the pig.

Without wasting any energy, the so call "hut" is being destroyed.... And with luck, the little piggy successfully run away.

Destroyed hut.

The second brother is hardworking. He built a small house with a door!!!

Unfortunately, pig eater appear again.

He steps on the house

Wah, the house collapsed! Little piggy quickly run away.

Both piggies run to little brother's house. Little brother is the smartest and hardworking. He built a very solid castle, with 2 canons!!

Few days later, pig eater approaches his castle.

Without saying much, they blast the canons towards the pig eater.

Arghhh... Pig eater never ever dare to eat pig anymore, and change its name to wolf