October 28, 2011

My iPhone theme

Lock screen of my iphone ho ho. I steal the graphic from nici website.

Search Page, same wallpaper with the lock screen.

App page.

and this is the penguin that i used as the slider. :)

October 12, 2011

Celebration of 'brave' Kungfu Panda~~~

Panday (left) is Panda's wifey. She celebrating with her dearest hubby with their little son, Pan. She feels so proud that Panda rescued Bob & Lovely. 

Mango juice with garlic bread, waiting for mushroom soup~~~ 

This restaurant famous with their Mushroom soup. It really tasty!!! 

Here comes the appetizer - grass, as no bamboo left in the kitchen. 

Wow.. Panda and Panday enjoying chicken cordon blue~~~ 

wow.... lagsania~~~ 

yummy yummy~~~

This is the only food left, as Panda is currently learning KungFu and must control diet...hehehe.. (after finished all the above foods n said gonna diet =_=)

October 5, 2011

Kungfu Panda, again

hai ya!! I am not normal panda, i am a kungfu panda!!! ah cha, hiak!!

See i can pull my leg so high... 

arrgghhh...ouch, i am falling down, helpppppp

Panda falls on something, oh it is the evil grasshopper.

The magic effect start to fade off. 

Bob and Lovely finally return to the original look. Thank you so much for saving us.