April 19, 2010

The minily Rabbit

Today get a pair of minily rabbit from Germany. They are the kid version of easter rabbit and xmas rabbit.

White minily rabbit got a long ears.

brown minily rabbit got a long ears too.

They sleeping dead after the long journey from Germany.

2 new upcoming plush toys from Nici latest catalogue.


  1. OMG... their tooth so cute... remember have to visit dental regularly ya....

  2. they are so lovely and so cute. I love them so much~~

  3. They are absolutely lovely... Brown rabbit is shy and uses his ears to hide from people :))

  4. Hi, I'm from Malaysia. May I know where and how you get those little bunnies? Thanks :)

  5. you have to try your luck in midvalley the garden. there is a souvenir shop beside cold storage, i cant recall its name. I happened to see some there before. i bought mine from germany

  6. Thanks for the tip but unfortunately, I'm from East Malaysia and won't be in KL anytime soon :(
    Is there a way that I can purchase it online?
    Been to www.nici.de, www.cuddlykingdom.com and www.winmalaysia.com but the little bunnies are not available :'(

  7. try ebay.com or www.am-schafhaus.de


    check with this seller, maybe he still have the brown rabbit