May 6, 2010

Gozilla vs Ultraman

Roar~~~!! Gozilla is attacking!!

We are here to save the world! Take it easy.

Oh no, the gozilla is many times bigger than the ultraman.

Ultraman are being defeated.

ah! faster run for life. This dinosaur is my first Nici plush toy. I bought it from Isetan 4 years ago. Too bad, i cut away its tag. And the ultraman, I bought it from Japan 18 years ago.


  1. wow... the dino and the ultramen too.... so end up did ultramen manage to save the world ma??? but dino looks very tame.... dont kill him pls....

  2. Wow! I had never seen the dino, it's cute!!! Thanks for sharing your photos and stories :))

  3. the dino is quite classic, and it is my very 1st nici toy

  4. Is the dino from nici? I never saw it before.... when did you buy it?

    here's my pictures on nici:)

  5. Yes, the dino is from nici. They are quite classic. I bought them about 4 yrs ago, which is around year 2006 or maybe earlier. cant reall remember coz i remove their tag.