September 28, 2010

Fake Nici Melinda Ant

Fake grey ant

Fake black ant

Fake red ant

Fake green ant

Fake, err, this is genuine nici Melinda ant~~!!

And this fake green ant is actually genuine nici grasshopper~~


  1. Hahaa, the green ant is not a fake!!!
    I am against fakes :((

  2. Yes, goodbye to the false, there is no comparison. The green Ormiga if original. By the way, this afternoon and seen, have in store in my neighborhood, it looked very cute.

  3. hehe, the green grasshopper pretend itself to be an ant. Ya, the quality of the fake nici is very very bad. I would never buy fake one

  4. agree.. =D
    nowadays, fakes are everywhere.. but NICI fans will be able to differentiate.. the fakes have weird looking face.. =p

    btw, i love the grasshopper.. hihi.. because it's green *and i love green =p*

  5. it is sometimes very hard to tell, genuine or fake from pictures. the imitation skill from china is far too great!!!