June 25, 2011

New Home for my friends

All the nici and non-nici (some of them are still MISB) friends are being moved to a new home. And, they occupy my living room's sofa as their new base =_=


  1. Hey you're back!! :-D
    I only see the 35cm gorilla in your picture, is the rest of your wonderful gorilla family still around?

  2. hi, ya coz moving house, and lost my laptop. this is only 20% of my complete collection. The one in the photo are 35cm and 25cm. 80cm and 50cm still in my old house

  3. Wow, hope to see your entire collection! Will the bigger gorillas be coming to your new house too? Your gorilla pictures were the big reason that made me buy one :D

    Warmest wishes for your house moving from our crazy flock! :)

  4. Welcome back again!!!! I love your collection, take care of your new home and enjoy it!
    Kisses :)