July 9, 2011

Cameras in the Store room

Almost half year didnt touch my camera. They are kept in the store room, covered with dirt =-=
This is my 1st DSLR Canon 40D

My Portrait lens Sigma 35mm f1.4

battery grip

Grey elephant also have a DSLR! Canon EOS 7D. wow a higher grade of DSLR compared to 40D

Canon lens 18-200mm

and a flash

An ideal set of DSLR for camera shooting with a Potrait lens, and a zoom lens. Will have some nice photo shot soon.

Thanks to the photographer, mr King Kong with his compact Panasonic LX3


  1. We've got a Panasonic TZ10, and we are very glad with it, it takes very good pics :)

  2. yea panasonic camera is very nice. i bought it so i dont need to buy a wide angle lens.

  3. It is certainly a very good camera.

  4. wow you have some really nice gear! Your sigma is specially temptatious! I have been contemplating to add a 35mm because I'm tired of taking steps back with the 50mm on a crop body. Looking forward for many pictures of NICI plushies from you :-)

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