July 20, 2011

Rescuing Mini Filou

Help help help~!! Help~~~~~~~!!!

when we look closer, mini cat, mini dog and mini hamster are hung there. They are screaming for help. Can anyone help them?

It is too high for me, i am not able to climb up there.

Maybe with some help of the lamp post? no, but he is too heavy.

King Kong asks these little doggies, do you able to help?

Doggies climb up very fast and easily.

Little jumbos also offer to help.

And they climb up quickly with no problem.

They reach the top and release the 3 victims.

King Kong carries them with care at the bottom, 3 of them are save now, yippi~~

Group shot of the rescue team~ cheeersss


  1. wow... good job to the rescue team!!! wonder how mini filou hung up so high?

  2. But who put them so high? Poor victims!

  3. Poor things, but thankfully that has saved them.
    Kisses ^_^

  4. ooo...Mini flou is adorable! Where did you get them?

  5. Haha.. Finally your cute stories come back after so long.. ^^ Luckily, your rescue team manage to save the Mini Filous.. ;)

  6. Our flock is very happy that the lovely Mini filou could be saved. They are very lucky to have so much caring friends to help in times of need :-)