August 13, 2011

Guinea Pigs 1st Date~~~

Gui & Nea first date at Japanese restaurant.

too many choices...  hmmm~~~  

lets see what we have on the belt as well,

finally got to try a cheezy sushi... it taste so good! 

our favorite - salmon sashimi!!! yummy yummy!!! 

oh!!! we have 3 prawns tempura, one for you... one for me... another one is goodie to our photographer.    



  1. this time is the real ebi tempura~

  2. Our Jolly mah loves jap restaurant too! We'll be sharing our pictures soon ^_^

    Now that I look at your previous post again, minghui was right it actually looks like a tempura! :D

  3. Lucky Gui and Nea to go out for such a delicious meal :-) Greetings