August 29, 2011

Nici Shop in One Utama Malaysia

Entrance of the new Nici shop, it is 50% bigger than the old shop.

Big big gustav and elsa in the window display~ gustav is holding a nici glass. They are so sweet.

The black and white friends (panda and zebra) are put together.

Shelf at the right hand side

Shelf to the left hand side. fill with a lot of jolly sheep. "mehhhh meehhh"

Lucy is placed at the middle of the shop. look, i am paying at the cashier. ho ho ho guess what am i buying?


  1. Gustav n Elsa are very sweet n lovely! Did u bring them home along with u?

  2. Oh how beautiful everything, I wish I had a shop in my town NICI.

  3. wow! Thanks for the pictures of the nici shop!!!! ♥♥ That is one really huge Jolly Lucy clock and mug at the counter!! And i thought i bought the last sitting jolly mah brown but they restocked it! The new shop design looks really nice. By the way, is there anything with special discount for the opening?

  4. to minghui... left only a bear n a sheep in the store

    to bea... maybe you can open one at your own town =)

    to hugo wolf... come n buy the jolly mah brown... he is waiting for u.... yes.. there is a special gift with a discount of 15% instead of 10%...

  5. @Celeste: Thanks!!! Haha one jolly mah brown is enough. We want that grey sheep, lucy, elephant, raccoons, bison and I don't know who else but 10+15% discount for members is crazily attractive!! We are so coming to KL!

  6. This shop is a paradise... you must have enjoyed it a lot! I envy you so much.... *sob*

  7. yupz. so happy it is finally reopen in the town. But we have to drive 4 hrs to reach there T_T so cant visit there quite often