October 12, 2011

Celebration of 'brave' Kungfu Panda~~~

Panday (left) is Panda's wifey. She celebrating with her dearest hubby with their little son, Pan. She feels so proud that Panda rescued Bob & Lovely. 

Mango juice with garlic bread, waiting for mushroom soup~~~ 

This restaurant famous with their Mushroom soup. It really tasty!!! 

Here comes the appetizer - grass, as no bamboo left in the kitchen. 

Wow.. Panda and Panday enjoying chicken cordon blue~~~ 

wow.... lagsania~~~ 

yummy yummy~~~

This is the only food left, as Panda is currently learning KungFu and must control diet...hehehe.. (after finished all the above foods n said gonna diet =_=)


  1. We love your pictures! Everything looks so delicious! What restaurant is this? We'd love to go try the cordon blue chicken and mushroom soup too!

  2. What a wonderful celebration for the brave hero Panda :-) This diet is perfect, all our plush would have no problem to enjoy it everyday haha

  3. Oh, I love cordon blue chicken too! Yummy and hypercaloric, hahahaaa!!!! ;-)

  4. You are quite the photographer, I especially like the composition of the last picture, very nicely done!