October 5, 2011

Kungfu Panda, again

hai ya!! I am not normal panda, i am a kungfu panda!!! ah cha, hiak!!

See i can pull my leg so high... 

arrgghhh...ouch, i am falling down, helpppppp

Panda falls on something, oh it is the evil grasshopper.

The magic effect start to fade off. 

Bob and Lovely finally return to the original look. Thank you so much for saving us.


  1. oooo...fu bao so cute!! I'm glad bob and lovely finally got rescued, we thought they were doomed when you ended the story from the last entry :p

  2. Yeah.. Finally bob n lovely returned.. Ah.. Happy family again..

  3. hehe they are lucky to meet the super kungfu panda

  4. super Kungfu panda the hero! Yay! We'd love to see more of him hehe

  5. Three cheers to Kungfu Panda!!! :)

  6. Happy ending, yayyyyyyyy!!!!!
    Big hugs for Kung Fu Panda and kisses to you :)

  7. Our flock is very happy that brave Panda rescued his dear friends. We were sure that the story would have a happy end. Many thanks for sharing :-)