January 15, 2012

2012 School Day~~~

front view

left view

right view

rear view

Lovely : School bus is here! Must eat during recess ya! 

Daughter : I have my pocket money with me! Dont worry mummy! Bye Bye~~~ 

Elsa : First day to school ya... u have to listen to teacher...

Son : Yes Mum! I am a good boy!!! ByeeEEe!!!

Gustav : Remember to drink more water! 

Son : Yes Dad. I cant wait to meet new friends!!! Hooray!!! 

 Happily going to school together. 


  1. Ohh I love pics, so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. your story is super duper cute!!!!! The school bus cushion is very nice but very expensive too. Our flock love to get one too :D

  3. Very funny lovely story! The school bus is great and our flock wishes all the best for the beginning of school. Greetings :-)