January 3, 2012

New Year New House~~~

huh? what is this?

so many of them~~ 

after some hard works... is a pigeon holes!!! 

left view with 4 doggies~~~

oh no~~ right view with mickey n minnie!!! 

3rd & 4th floor

1st & 2nd floor

~~~2012 new house~~~
~~~Happy Families~~~ 


  1. Wow! Love your new house! This is such a nice deco in the house with all the cute nici plush! This is not even half of your collection right.. Where are the rest?

  2. Happy New Year!!! ^_^

    I love it your new pigeon holes, this is great for all your the plush NICI haha.

  3. I love your new house. We had to buy another one for our Nicis a couple of months ago. We need a bigger home for all of us!!!

  4. The new house is wonderful for all your cute plush! I love the photo with so much nice Nicis on every floor. Wish you many new family members in 2012 :-)

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  6. Hi, my little daughter lost her Filou Cat and she is totally upset about it - I have searched the whole internet to get a new one but unfortunately it is not available anymore. Is there any chance that you sell me your Filou? Hopefully you get this message.

    Please write me to: soeren.bechmann@gmx.de

    Thank you very much in advance and kind regards