September 24, 2011

The evil Grasshopper

Once upon a time, Bob is dating with Lovely in a sunny day. 

They see a grasshopper selling some refreshing herbal leaves. 

Grasshopper:" try my homemade herbal leaf, you'll love it."

taste weird...... mmmhhh

Bob and Lovely fall unconcious after taking the leaves. Grasshopper seem so happy, huh!?

oh no, they turn into grasshopper.

Grasshopper :" Hello my little grasshopper, how do you feel? muahahahahaahaaa"

Jolly Unnamed :" dad and mum are in danger, go chocobo!!"

Jolly Unnamed saved the 2 grasshopper, which were Bob and Lovely.

But Evil Grasshopper flies faster, and knock her down. THE END


  1. We need to save bob n lovely!!! We need a happy ending!!!

  2. Poor bob and lovely!! You gotta have part II for this!

  3. Ohh noooo! I need a second part with a happy ending! :(((

  4. You have received an award in my blog! Enter and take it! Congrats!!!

  5. Ooooh I hope it isn`t such a mighty spell and the two pretty sheep will transform after a while!!!!