September 12, 2011

Happy Mooncake Festival (part2)

Today is 15th August (Mid Autumn) in the chinese calendar. And bitbit is attending the praying ceremony with some fruits, fresh flowers, mooncakes and a little box of moon powder.

Both bitbit cannot wait to try the mooncakes. 

Yum yum, delicious.

After finish the mooncake, they light up the lanterns.

The paper lanterns look nice in the night.

Rabbit's mum calling for a family shot.

Rabbit's Mum :" mammi gives you all a handmade lantern " 

WOW, this lantern so "high-tech", it is equipped with LED light.

Bitbit fight with his brother for this lantern. Bitbit:" It is mine!!!!"

"PLARCK!!!" mhhh they break the lantern into half... Sob sob T_T

It is all your fault! so you have to wear the lantern's head. " It fits perfectly on your face "

Here comes the homemade Nici's lantern~~~ wakakaka


Tired.. I wont do it again next time. 

"Rabbit Ranger" or "Transfomer"

Last but not least, wishing everyone a happy mooncake festival. Muakss


  1. @Raquel: hehe, the post is finally done.

  2. Your post is so cute!!! Hahaha, robo rabbit! ^^

  3. i like the nici's lantern n rabbit ranger!!! it really perfectly suit them well!!!

  4. Many thanks for sharing this funny story :-) The "rabbit lantern models" are soooo cute!

  5. so many bun bun le...i just got one only jek