September 4, 2011

Teatime in SnowFlakes

Liony, Alli and tortoise meeting in SnowFlakes.

This is beeping ufo which will vibrate with light to inform you to collect your orders, 

that's why liony is sitting on the beeping ufo to feel the vibration! =_=

Alli is having the snowflake without sharing. 

Poor little liony n tortoise have to share jasmine tea with pearls. 

Greedy Alli some more squeeze in to taste the jasmine tea! !@#$%^&*(


  1. Alli is the perfect minily croc! hungry and pushy! :)

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  3. they look so cute and so innocent, hope nici will have more minily~

  4. Yes monsterloi, i agree!!!!
    Hope they make more minilys, wishing for a raccoon minily :D