September 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to me~~~

Gustav & Elsa joining us for birthday celebration.

yummy yummy mushroom soup~~~

appetizer - grass for Elsa

Gustav cant wait to try the grill salmon!!!

Olive linguine, grill chicken n salmon, soup with oat bread n grasses~~~

after the heavy meals... they resting and cooling down with sky juice

few glasses of champagne till.......

Gustav is starting to float~~~

lastly n the most important is the birthday cake!!! 
Happy Birthday!!!

too bad no cake cutting ceremony as Gustav is drunk and still floating! 
OMG!!! we have to bring him back immediately! 


  1. Hahaha, happy birthday!!!!!!! Kisses for Spain ^_^

  2. Happy-happy birthday!!! I suppose that Gustav is still with a huge hangover, hahahaaa!!!

  3. muaks muaks, happy birthday to you again~~

  4. What a wonderful birthday dinner! Good food + flowers + champagne. I suppose it's Celeste' big day? Happy Birthday! Warmest greetings from all our flock (^_^)

  5. Thanks to all wishes.. Ya.. Pity Elsa need to take care Gustav..